February 2004
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Day February 9, 2004

Historical graph of Bush Administration approval ratings

I love this graph, found on PollingReport.com, of Bush’s approval ratings since taking office.  The peaks, of course, correspond to post-9/11 support, the war in Iraq, and a small bump when we captured Saddam in December.  Otherwise, Bush has typically been in gradual decline since taking office.  In other words, without an external event to shore up support, the American people gradually distrust this Administration more and more.  


So, from the Democratic standpoint, we can expect deficits, internal investigations, and other domestic issues to continue eroding approval ratings into the election season.  Great news.  What we really need to watch for, as many have pointed out, is the Administration pulling a rabbit out of the hat and capturing Bin Laden on Oct 15th or something.  In the latter case, I’d expect the Democrats to be in real trouble.  

More on Pakistan: Khan’s pardon is “conditional”??

Ah…so we find out this morning that Khan’s pardon is “conditional,” rather than a “blanket” pardon.  The AP wire report on this said nothing about whether Khan had been acting with knowledge or even orders from military leadership, including Musharraf.  I still find it difficult to believe the Khan is the top of the heap in terms of deciding to give designs to Iran, Libya, and North Korea.  If Khan acted without the knowledge of the military or other leaders, then the “conditional” pardon makes sense internally, since it would allow them to proceed with prosecution for other wrongdoing.  If, however, Khan is taking the fall and protecting Musharraf and the military leadership, then the “conditional” pardon is just window-dressing for Powell’s visit and the world stage, showing that we’re not completely looking the other way.