March 2004
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Day March 10, 2004

I take it back (about McCain)

OK, I take it back.  Read this article from 2002 in the Washington Monthly and then see what you think.  McCain has indeed been a fish out of water in the Republican party for a long time.  The article describes him as a “Teddy Roosevelt Republican” which isn’t a bad way to put it.  It’s still going to be a bit freaky if Edwards and others get passed over for a Kerry/McCain ticket, and there’s a ton of issues to consider, but it’s not as wacky as I imagined.  

It just keeps getting weirder…

Hey, if nothing else, this isn’t going to be a boring election season.  I’ve been out of touch today, and when I finally open my laptop in Miami, I find out that John McCain is being discussed as a running mate for John Kerry?   Huh? 

Hey, I like the fact that McCain is a true conservative, and not just wearing the mantle for a press photo or to distract us from his real agenda….but come on.  An occasional argument with Bush doesn’t make McCain a wise Democratic running mate.  But on the other hand, things keep getting weirder and weirder…