March 2004
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Day March 16, 2004

Sometimes the conservative right has a point…

 I don’t often agree with the socially conservative or religious right, but reading this AP/CNN story the other day made me reflect that occasionally we do go too far in this country.  Apparently, there’s a small but growing problem with drivers playing adult films on their car DVD players, in plain sight of other drivers.  The problem, of course, is that other folks who choose not to be exposed to this material, including small children in adjacent cars, sometimes end up seeing material they shouldn’t.  

And to me, this isn’t an issue of civil rights, or first-amendment freedoms.  As an adult in most jurisdictions, you have the right to view such material.  But we also have laws which are intended to protect minors, and laws designed to protect our safety on the road.  But ultimately, this is a matter of personal responsibility and exercising reasonable restraint.

Is it really necessary to watch movies while driving?

Is it really necessary to watch porno while driving?  

Isn’t it difficult enough protecting our important civil rights without having people doing dumb-ass stuff like this?