April 2004
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Day April 6, 2004

An investigation into Treasury analysis for the Bush Campaign

Finally! The Office of the Solicitor General is doing an inquiry into whether the Treasury Department acted improperly in analyzing Kerry’s tax proposals. This is the first step, hopefully, in nailing the Bush campaign for repeated mis-use of civil servants and resources to aid its campaign. By Federal law, civil servants cannot work for political campaigns while on duty.

Treasury spokesman Nichols naturally defended their actions, saying “It is proper for the Treasury Department to analyze tax proposals so that members of Congress and the administration can be informed” — completely ignoring the fact that Kerry’s proposal isn’t a government proposal since he’s not (yet) President. Since Tom DeLay asked for the analysis, rather than the White House, presumably Nichols’ statement is designed to claim that they were simply fulfilling a normal request from the House Majority Leader. Yeah, right.

Hopefully, the Democrats will respond by floating a resolution to hold a full inquiry about whether the Bush Administration is using the whole Executive Branch as part of its re-election campaign. The use of government employees and money to analyze campaign plans is a blatant and illegal practice.