May 2004
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Day May 1, 2004

46th Leg Dist Caucus

Am at the caucus for the 46th legislative district this morning. I decided not to run for state convention delegate because I’m traveling so much these days. But I’m here as a delegate for Kerry.

It’s interesting how many folks here are still die-hard Kucinich folks. Somewhat less surprisingly, there are a ton of Deaniacs as well. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised…my Leg Dist is just north of the Univ. Of Washington. The draft platform is so breathtakingly left-wing that I find large chunks unsupportable — evidence, I suppose, that I’m not as leftist as one might have suspected.

More later when something actually happens.

UPDATE: Whew. If I knew democracy was going to take so long….we just spent nearly 8 hours electing 19 Kerry delegates and 10 alternates, intermixed by some entertainment presented by the Student LaRouchies, and more than I ever wanted to know about Robert’s Rules of Order.

Turns out roughly 110 candidates ran for the “next” convention, and since nobody could even keep ’em straight, I’m glad I decided to not run. I’m guessing the top couple of delegates will be all the elected officials and Leg Dist party officials and volunteers here today since their names were easy to remember.

Still, I was happy to participate. Around 2 p.m., however, I was starting to wonder whether a primary election would just be simpler…