June 2004
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Day June 13, 2004

Back from an island get-away

I just returned from a week on Salt Spring Island, in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. Good friends of mine live on the island now, so it was an opportunity to spend time with them. I stayed at the south end of the island near Isabella Point, at the Daffodil Cove Cottage. The cottage is on the slope several hundred feet above the shore, looking out at Satellite Channel, Piers Island, and the north end of Vancouver Island’s Saanich Peninsula. It’s very near the end of the road, so the setting is very quiet, private, and perfect for getting away from urban life. Except that my Blackberry still worked.

I spent the week reading, hiking around the island, and going for a kayak trip with my friend Kris — who now works as a certified guide at Island Escapades in Ganges.

Being out of the country mercifully allowed me to miss the hoopla surrounding Reagan’s death and state funeral. Whew.

My reading list on the trip included:

   Bruce Ackerman: We The People, Volume 2: Transformations
   Randy Barnett: Restoring the Lost Constitution: The Presumption of Liberty
   Gerald Durrell: Birds, Beasts, and Relatives (sequel to My Family and Other Animals)
   Salman Rushdie: Step Across This Line, Collected Nonfiction 1992 – 2002
   Amartya Sen: Development as Freedom
   F.A. Hayek: The Road to Serfdom
   John Thorne: Outlaw Cook (should be read and re-read by anyone interested in cooking)
   Irshad Manji: The Trouble with Islam: A wake-up call for honesty and change

Naturally, some of this is still in progress, such as Amartya Sen, Barnett, and Ackerman. I’ll post thoughts on some of these in the coming days and weeks.

Vacation was good, but tough, because I realized I’d like to stay for a lot longer. It’s been nearly four years since my last multi-week vacation, and although I love the startup business, I can see myself wanting a change to a different life-style one of these days…