August 2004
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Day August 1, 2004

On the wisdom of out-hawking the Republicans

It’s pretty clear that the Democrats have to run on a national-security platform, and establish Kerry’s bona fides as potential Commander-in-Chief. Indeed, little of the Convention wasn’t aimed at this. But there seemed almost a desire to “out-hawk” the hawks, implying that the Democrats can be trusted to continue the “war on terror” with appropriate zeal, and in the same mold.

And I’m hoping, on the one hand, this isn’t a signal that Kerry’s thinking about the “war on terror” is indistinguishable from Bush’s, and on the other hand, that this stance won’t prevent Kerry from making changes to policy when necessary. Because although we do need a Commander-in-Chief who’s willing to do what it takes to protect the country, the time for a re-appraisal of the “war on terror” concept is long overdue.