November 2004
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Day November 9, 2004

Article on John Kekes’s “Illusions of Egalitarianism” interview on Philosophy News

I recently wrote an editorial on Philosophy News, responding to an interview with John Kekes entitled “The Illusion of Egalitarianism” (paralleling his book by the same title). The editorial was posted today, and although it’s not my best piece of writing ever, I felt that Kekes’s attack on modern liberalism (via perceived flaws in philosophical egalitarianism) deserved a response.

I may post additional thoughts on the topic here, but not in the very short term — I’m in the middle of a larger writing project which is taking up my scant time away from work. Hopefully by Thanksgiving I’ll have a draft of that article completed and then I can get back to some political philosophy, particularly in the wake of the election.