December 2004
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Day December 8, 2004

Blogging at Progressive Commons

The pace of blogging has slowed down here at Extended Phenotype. I’m busy at work, and the holidays are (too) fast approaching, but there’s another reason. I’m now also writing about progressive politics at Progressive Commons, a virtual think tank and collective blog spearheaded by Kenneth Rufo of the University of Georgia. Ken began a blog this year called Broken Letters, devoted to the nexus between media, language, and politics.

Progressive Commons will be publishing a mission statement soon on our site, but suffice it to say that we’re a nonpartisan research and educational group aimed at promoting, reformulating, and communicating the progressive political vision in America. We’re just getting started, and in our initial phases the Commons will work much like a collective blog, with longer essays, reviews, and position papers posted as these crystallize.

Thus, some — but not all — of my political writing will move from Extended Phenotype to the Progressive Commons. I expect to continue posting on related topics, science, and of course good wine here at EP. I will also link posts between the two sites so that folks looking to see if I’ve written anything can come to either site.

In fact, I’ve posted one essay already on Progressive Commons — a short piece examining the relationship between “progressive” politics, reformism, and liberalism as we now understand it.

Also, here’s the RSS feed for Progressive Commons.