February 2005
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Day February 8, 2005

Google Maps: fascinating but still very beta

Google has introduced another fascinating technology prototype: Google Maps. The premise is that you search for terms which are then associated with map locations.

So just for fun, I tried the search “vodka in Seattle”, trying to find either liquor stores (I’ve been trying to find Hangar One’s Kaffir Lime vodka lately to replicate a drink I had at May, in Wallingford) or bars. Google returned (partial list):

  • Bambuza Vietnamese Bistro
  • Tamara Wilson Public Relations
  • Tini Biggs Lounge
  • Earth and Ocean
  • Designer Furniture Galleries
  • Rossi for Governor

The restaurants I get. But apparently I’ve been shopping at the wrong furniture store all this time, and I know who my next PR firm will be.

But the real surprise is that Google thinks that Dino Rossi’s Bellevue campaign office is where I ought to be looking for vodka. (suppressing evil grin)

Clearly the technology is still in its infancy, so play with it while it’s still wacky and fun…