March 2005
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Day March 7, 2005

Book #12: Murphy’s Gambit by Syne Mitchell

I wasn’t going to blog about Murphy’s Gambit, by Syne Mitchell, because it’s more "snack" reading. But Will Baude and others are blogging everything as part of the 50 Book Challenge, so I’ll fess up to guilty pleasures as well. Basically, my brain hurts after prolonged exposure to radiation Richard Rorty, Roger Penrose, and Richard Posner, and I needed something fun. Morgan’s book was kind of disappointing, so I picked up Murphy’s Gambit yesterday, which I believe is Mitchell’s first book. It’s "hard" science fiction, which more than ever means fidelity to real physics, along with gory descriptions of the same. MG is set in a future where twelve large corporations control human colonization of the galaxy, with tight control over the only means of quickly moving between inhabited systems. Humans are divided into floaters (those who live and are adapted to zero-gee conditions), and the rest of "grounder" humanity. You can guess who is oppressing whom here. At any rate, it’s a fun book and I recommend it along with Mitchell’s more recent books ("Technogenesis" and "Changeling Plague").