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Day April 4, 2005

Spring weather and spring wine

Tonight is the first night of the season where I’ve gotten home around this time (7ish), and been able to enjoy the light and sit outside. Though I’m a Seattle native, and you’d think well accustomed to the winter darkness, it always feels so much better to have daylight left when leaving the office.

In minor celebration, I’m drinking a cool glass of the 2001 Tempier Rose and having some picholine olives, which among the olives go well with the savoriness and herbaciousness of the Tempier.

On the wine front, the Domaine Servin 2002 Chablis I wrote about a few weeks ago has been replaced by the 2003 vintage at Whole Foods, and I’m equally happy with the latter. The vintage differences (at this level) seem minor, although the 2003 might be a bit fatter on the palate. The essential crisp minerality and acidity is still there, however, and for less than $20 retail, it’s a steal.

Back to my glass of Tempier to watch the sunset and see if I can make some progress on Chapter 21 of Penrose, “The Quantum Particle.” Making slow but steady progress, though I’m getting hazier on the math all the time and will be pretty much reading for concepts fairly soon.