April 2005
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Day April 12, 2005

Our Constitution in 2020

Last weekend, the American Constitution Society held a conference at Yale Law School titled “The Constitution in 2020.” The conference, which I was able to attend, was a phenomenal three day discussion of the progressive constitutional vision, with presentations by Bruce Ackerman, Cass Sunstein, Reva Siegel, Kathleen Sullivan, Guido Calabresi, John Podesta, David Boies, Walter Dellinger, and literally dozens of other progressive scholars, lawyers, and politicians. Over at Progressive Commons, I’ll be turning my voluminous notes into a series of posts which try to capture the issues and topics discussed.

At a personal level, it was a terrific trip. A friend from the East Coast met me and we attended the conference together, and we had a terrific time in New Haven digesting what we’d heard and debating back and forth. It’ll probably take me a few days to completely go through my notes and write them up, given a busy schedule at work and the need to hit the gym (travel always makes it difficult to get decent exercise, and I’m definitely feeling worse than a couple of weeks ago when I was hitting a regular workout schedule).