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Day April 15, 2005

Sunstein and Ackerman on constitutional agendas

One of the "main attractions" of the recent Constitution in 2020 conference was a dialogue between Yale’s Bruce Ackerman and Chicago’s Cass Sunstein.  The dialogue was broad, but centered around the aspirational visions available to the next generation of progressives.  Ackerman is the author of the (projected) trilogy We The People (Foundations, Transformations) , which presents a sweeping vision of the formal and informal ways in which popular mobilization has resulted in constitutional change; with Ian Ayres, Anne Alstott, and Jim Fishkin he is the author of bold proposals for the next great progressive agendas.  Sunstein is perhaps the most widely cited legal scholar today, author of One Case At A Time and The Second Bill of Rights:  FDR’s Unfinished Revolution and Why We Need It More Than Ever.

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