October 2005
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Day October 4, 2005

Changes in my life…

Well, it’s been a busy month, and I haven’t written much. But events are shaking out a bit, and I’m free to write about them now. My aunt passed away last week, seemingly in her sleep. She was our mother’s twin sister, and was always a “second mother” to Scott and I. Somewhat eerily, she died 9 months to the day after our mother, her twin, of natural causes. She had no children — other than Scott and I — so we’re handling her affairs and will have a dual ash-scattering ceremony for her and our mother fairly soon, which is something they’d have liked.

In other news, we’ve closed up shop at Network Clarity, a decision that was stimulated by slow business conditions and our inability to sell the company to a larger software firm. It was a difficult decision, obviously, and in many ways I’m very sad to see the fruits of our efforts these last three years go unrealized. But it was the right decision for everyone involved, and part of me is simply looking forward to whatever comes next.

I’m going to be looking for “what comes next” fairly soon, but in the meantime I’m going to enjoy whatever time off I can. I’m signed up for the LSAT exam in December, most just to pressure myself to get moving on the next (or “next next”) chapter of my life. More on this later. It’s too nice to sit inside at the Allegro, even to do some writing. Just needed to stop in and deal with some final Network Clarity business. Now it’s back out to enjoy the crisp, sunny autumn afternoon.