December 2005
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Day December 9, 2005

Movin’ on…

Well, I’m going back to work on Monday, after 10 weeks of break between jobs. The new job is at Microsoft, where I’ll be something called a “Group Program Manager” working on data center management products. I’ll talk more about this when it’s clear what is public knowledge and what isn’t, so for now there isn’t much to say — other than the fact that I’m excited about the opportunity and technologies I’ll be working with.

Time off has been good, but of course it’s always better when you get to plan when and how to be off work, and not have events simply thrust it upon you. I have used the time to get plenty of exercise (it’s been a fairly nice fall), work in the kitchen quite a bit, and read a great deal. The latter isn’t yet reflected here in postings, but I’d finished book #48 when we shut down Network Clarity, and I’m just finishing up book #62 this weekend. This means I have yet to post on books #57-62, but I have a whole slew of drafts pending in Ecto and some notes will appear shortly.

Things have been quiet in November and December on Progressive Commons — we apologize for that but everyone has been busy with work and personal issues. I’m sure our writing will pick up again fairly soon.