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Day August 5, 2006

Taking a break…

I’m taking a couple of days break from trying to write anything serious…it’s just not possible while there are still cupboards to empty and shelves to pack.  The moving truck comes on Tuesday morning to load for the island, and I’m excited.  It’ll be really terrific to have furniture again.  Up on the island I’ve been living on patio furniture for a couple of weeks, and in Seattle the house feels like a hotel room with all the staging.  Or actually not like a hotel room, because for that kind of money I’m going to mess up the room, y’know?  My house actually feels more like going to your grandmother’s house when you were a small kid, and you weren’t supposed to touch anything or sit on the fancy chairs. 

So it’ll be good to get somewhat back to normal.  I heard from the guys up north that the carpeting got installed on Thursday as planned, and it sounded like both electrical and network cabling were underway early last week.  The bamboo floor in the guest room ought to be done as well, so when we arrive with the trucks I ought to be able to put the major bits at least in the right rooms.  I stillDontbelieveeverything_1
haven’t figured out where everything goes yet, but that’ll come with time.

Well, it’s back to the basement and packing for me.  I’ll leave you with one last thought, seen today on a bumper sticker driving home.  Probably no more posts until Wednesday or Thursday.