August 2006
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Day August 17, 2006

Of warmth and wiring…

This week finally saw some action towards finishing up the immediate house projects.  After last week’s move, this week has mostly been unpacking, at least to the extent that I can before the final painting happens and the electrical work is completed.  Those items (particularly the painting) need to happen before I can position bookshelves (11 total) around the house and begin unpacking the big bulk of boxes.  Yesterday, after what I felt was a pretty long delay (I was a bit cranky), the network wiring and video cabling began – allowing the DirecTV dish to be back up with signal (it needed reinstallation after the roofing project, which dislodged the dish), and for me to finally get the rooms wired up to the relay rack in the garage.

Much of that was finished today, except for ethernet to a couple of the less critical rooms.  Bob, the network wiring guy, had to leave midday because he was volunteering for Kiwanis at the San Juan County Fair.  Apparently they take shifts grilling and doing BBQ, so I’ll have to check that out this weekend with Scott. 

With the completion of electrical work, and the basic network cabling, I now have heat in all theDsc_0001_1
rooms, electricity everywhere needed, and my TV is back.  And just yesterday, some folks replaced the chimney on the wood stove (which was nasty), cleaned and serviced it, swept the upper chimney, and helped me get the stove positioned to code, which my insurance company insisted upon.  Today I picked up some fireplace tools and an axe, and had my first wood stove fire tonight.  It’s burning down a bit as I write this, and while the stove didn’t get hot enough to boil tea water, it got close enough so the Wolf finished the job in about 10 seconds. 

Scott arrives tomorrow to stay until Tuesday morning — his birthday is Saturday and he decided to take some time off to come up and be my first house guest.  I’m going to take him to the fair, and to all my favorite island landmarks from past days, we’ll hit a nice restaurant for his birthday, and we’ll take the kitchen out for a spin and see how much propane we get through on the wok stand.  It should be fun.  Probably not a lot of posting until Tuesday, unless we have a lazy Sunday afternoon or something, which seems very possible.  Somehow the deck makes it completely impossible to sit inside, or watch movies until it’s too dark to read or see much.