December 2006
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Day December 4, 2006

The Other Side of the Coin

In contrast to last week, I arrived back on the island today after a weekend in Seattle to some decent weather.  Sure, it was raining earlier, but by nightfall things were clear and gorgeous here at the
house, with a sky devoid of low clouds perfect for displaying the glow of a waxing gibbous moon.    The internet assures me that "waxing gibbous" pretty much means we’re near the full moon, but I didn’t want comments full of "it’s not the full moon yet"…Dsc_0197

By the time I left Seattle (after just two days), it was like the snowstorm never happened down there.  Dry streets, sunny weather on Sunday, no snow visible in town itself (though I didn’t go up on Queen Anne or Capitol Hills – UW and downtown were my destinations this time around).  But once I hit the island, it was back to winter wonderland…slushy style.  The lakes are partially frozen, the ponds are still fully covered, and there’s compact snow and ice in patches on side roads and in recalcitrant drifts in Friday Harbor. 

But it’s still nice to be home.