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Winter Quarter Begins

Today is the start of Winter Quarter at the University of Washington, where as of today I’m a graduate student again. The first day of the quarter was always my favorite, especially fall quarter on campus. Something about new textbooks, the cool fall weather, the smell of the libraries, and so on. It’s a bit different, since today started like most other days for me, perched up north in my island home. But I’m planning the quarter, and creating bibliographies of things I need to review and read, and that feels good. Next week I’ll be on campus for a few days, meeting with my advisor and attending the IPEM seminar by Carl Bergstrom on Thursday. I’ll probably also be getting a studio apt in Seattle so I can spend more time on campus easily, without the hassle of hotel rooms and such (though the WAC has been a terrific home-away-from-home this last fall).