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Day January 9, 2007

iPhone announced

The rumors are true — Apple announced an iPhone today. Actually, are still announcing it, because Jobs’s keynote is still going, but they’re wrapping up the iPhone demo now. I think it’s going to be a great success, given the feature set and the photos I’m seeing on Macrumors from the conference. EDGE and wifi connections, IMAP email in addition to POP (which I’m very happy to see…I’ll be able to purge the last vestiges of duplicated-POP-messages from my life), and of course all the multimedia features one would expect and more. GPS is included, apparently, because google maps shows the current location of the phone — that will be handy for navigation and travel.

My friend Bill and I have a gentleman’s wager: he doesn’t believe the iPhone will be successful, and I do. Our bet was based purely on our analysis of cell phone markets and Apple’s track record of hardware and system design, but today we’ve finally got details to go on. I’m going to stick with my side of the wager, especially since there’s a dinner with good Chateauneuf-du-Pape at the end of it for me. But I wonder, after seeing the keynote details today, whether Bill will feel the same way about his half of the wager.

Wow…they just announced free Yahoo IMAP email to all iPhone customers. Not that I use Yahoo IMAP, but that’s a good thing to announce alongside the hardware. Jobs has clearly learned via the iTunes/iPod and OS X experience the importance of having an ecosystem simultaneous with hardware release is critical — a lesson that most of us believe drastically held back the Macintosh in its first ten years.

I’m not going to keep translating the great live notes from MacRumorsLive.com, but check out the transcript for yourself. All that remains between me and ordering one is details: pricing, carriers, timeline for availability. Even just looking at screenshots and the transcript, the iPhone is going to make my Treo 700w look sickly in comparison.