March 2007
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Day March 19, 2007

Apple Knows Best…

Last week my 17″ MacBook Pro, now only a year old, suffered the “expanding battery problem” and I took it in for repair, and ended up replacing it because Apple’s diagnosis and repair service is so backed up (they quoted 200+ machines to service at the University District store) that they couldn’t tell me how long I’d be without a machine. Since basically everything I do is on the computer, this wasn’t going to work for me, and since I religiously back up my data, new hardware can easily get a “brain transplant.” So after an evening of playing Dr. Frankenstein and bringing the new machine to life (Target Disk Mode rocks, by the way), I took the old machine in the next day for repair.

Since the expanding battery was pressing the logic board up onto the keyboard, I figured a bit of refurbishment wasn’t a bad thing. In addition, my machine had a manufacturing defect where the right-hand speaker was soft unless you wiggled the mag-safe power adapter (who knows why THAT worked). So might as well fix that at the same time, since the machine will be in the shop for awhile. Once it’s back, I’ll probably sell it on eBay as a refurbished model, recouping some of my costs.