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Day April 22, 2007

Ubuntu 7.04 “Feisty”

This morning I upgraded my “development” desktop, a Dell Core2Duo, from Ubuntu 6.10 “edgy” to 7.04 “feisty.” I chose a complete reinstall, since there were aspects of the old setup and disk partitioning I wasn’t happy with. The install just gets simpler all the time, with a graphical wizard that asks fewer questions than the old Windows XP install.

Most important from my perspective is the new VMI kernel support for virtualization, which replaces the need for a recompiled Xen kernel, and consequent difficulties in getting the NVIDIA drivers working properly. Video is working perfectly in 7.04 with the NVidia cards that Dell ships, and everything needed for virtualization was easily installable via apt-get. This afternoon I’ll install both a Linux and a Windows VM under QEMU and see how it works.

Ubuntu 7.04 also includes a package-installable Sun JVM, through the “multiverse” sources. I was able to directly add Java 6 with no problems and it also switched the default JVM for the system, which is nice.

I have to say, thus far I’m impressed by the strides Ubuntu continues to make in creating a powerful yet incredibly friendly Linux distribution. Word on the street is that Michael Dell is even trying 7.04 on his personal laptop…