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Day June 1, 2007

Gore and Keith Olbermann: Is the VP Running?

If you haven’t watched the interview this week between Keith Olbermann and Vice President Al Gore, I recommend it highly.  Keith is actually on vacation this week, with Alison Stewart hosting instead.  But for the last three nights, in the absence of Keith live, the show has played "another part" of his interview with Al Gore, apparently filmed sometime last week.

In reality, pretty much the whole interview aired right after we all came back from Memorial Day weekend, and each night since, Alison Stewart’s job has been to re-play segments of the interview.  Mostly, the segments have been edited from slightly different sections of the interview, except one:  each night this week, Keith Olbermann asks Al Gore whether he’s running, gets the predictable answer "no" and then the predictable answer "I don’t rule it out" and then Keith asks when the "window closes." 

This is picture-perfect for Gore.  It’s a win-win situation.  If I were him, I’d be waiting for a serious "Draft Gore" movement to gain media coverage, and if it doesn’t, as Keith indicated recently, the ambiguity is helping book and DVD sales and thus exposure for his causes and efforts.

And if such a Draft Gore movement gains steam, he’s still got plenty of time to formalize a campaign staff (want to bet it’ll take less than a couple of days?) and organization, not to mention fundraising (1).

The Veep is playing it brilliantly.  Except for one thing.  He needs to figure out how to answer a question without verbal "footnotes," subordinate clauses, and long rambling asides.  Forget the blowjob – I’m having 2000 flashbacks and remembering why folks originally *liked* the directness of G.W.

If Gore is serious about maybe being serious, some folks better be sitting him down every morning and smacking his knuckles with a ruler every time he answers a question using semicolons and "one more point."

(1)  Yes, I know there’s a Draft Gore website and effort.  But as of today they claim 86,500 signatures, which works out to about 1700 people per state in the Union.  Or about 3K people for the coastal states, and about 500 people each in the middle of the U.S.  Whatever.  Wake me up when he gets a few million nationally — remember, he needs tens of millions of votes to win….?