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Day September 13, 2007

Happy Programmer’s Day

Just yesterday my friend Andy, who apparently reads this site, was complaining that I hadn’t written anything since late August. So here’s a post – though not as meaty or substantive as normal. Today is “Programmer’s Day,” traditionally celebrated on the 256th day of each year (programming….binary code….2 to the 8th power….yeah, it’s a nerd thing).

Actually, no programmers I know (including myself) actually celebrate Programmer’s Day, but it seems like one of those silly nerd memes to get in while real estate on the ground floor is still cheap. So a shout out to TimH, Bryan, Alx, another TimH, Alex, Carl, the OpsMgr gang at MS, Laird, Glomph, and the Ashworth crowd.

My favorite five programmer excuses. ‘Cause we’ve all said one of these at some point….

  1. That’s weird, It’s never done that before
  2. It worked yesterday.
  3. It works on my machine.
  4. I only changed a comment.
  5. It’s 90% done.

Regularly scheduled programming will resume shortly. I promise.