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Day May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Sunsets

Mem Day Weekend Sunset 2
Originally uploaded by mmadsen

Out of the nearly 100 exposures I took of last night’s sunsets, three turned out really, really well. This one is very late in the progress of sunset, and looked considerably darker to the naked eye. This was a long exposure, with my swanky (and stable!) tripod, of 10 seconds at f8. I managed to capture the onrushing midnight blue of the sky while catching the last of the orange glow and water reflections.

I’m still not great at “getting the shot” but finally understanding something about the theory behind exposure helps. As does the willingness to sit and adjust all the parameters while taking a hundred pictures, since it’s great to see which direction the picture changes when I vary the parameters…

Follow the link to Flickr by clicking on the photo, and see the other two “good” shots, from earlier points during the sunset. Last night was truly spectacular, and I’m glad I caught it, since Friday and tonight were both fairly “normal” — some glow but not an explosion of color.