June 2008
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Day June 22, 2008

Perkowski’s Pig-a-Palooza 2008

Originally uploaded by mmadsen

Early this morning, Tawm, Madden, and I prepped the whole pig for Tawm’s annual birthday roast later tonight.  Last year’s rotisserie was a good concept, but over the winter Tawm re-engineered the entire system, mounting the bicycle tires and bench grinder to a rigid frame to ensure correct spacing, and driving the spit rotation with a strong bicycle chain.  The result is a pretty serious piece of culinary engineering.  More pictures on Flickr of the entire spitting and trussing process, including the strip of 1 inch flat steel which is screwed into the steel pipe, over the backbone, and anchored into the cranium, vertebrae, and pelvis of the pig to ensure that it stays tight on the spit. 

More later, after we see how this turns out.  But serious kudos to Tawm, for taking the concept to its logical conclusion!