Congratulations, Democrats!

No, I'm not congratulating us on victory, it's too soon for that.  But before we head into tomorrow, I wanted to stop and reflect on how well we've done as a party this year. 

From historic candidacies to a bitter and hard-fought nomination battle, record fundraising and organizing, to effective use of the media, we've done well.  Democrats did not fall apart after the bitter and divisive nomination fight between Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama, as many predicted.  Apart from a very small minority, the party as a whole put the battle behind us and unified behind our candidate. 

But the thing I'm most proud of — whatever happens tomorrow — is how hard we've fought and how well Sen. Obama has campaigned.  We've contributed and volunteered in record numbers, and the Obama campaign has used this unprecedented war chest to force the Republican Party to use their resources to defend their "safe" ground. 

I was tickled pink to learn that the Obama campaign was putting the heat on in Arizona last week; nobody really thinks Obama is competitive there, but it's close enough that the strategy forced Sen. McCain to spend resources badly needed in true "swing" states in order not to lose his home state.  And everywhere else in the country, the Republicans are on the defensive, trying desperately to prevent tomorrow from becoming a 1932-style rout and realignment. 

So whatever happens tomorrow, and I'm not making any predictions, I'm proud of Democrats this year.  We finally got inspired, and got mad, and it shows.  We're fighting like the scrappy champions of the middle and lower classes that we should be.   Onward to Inauguration Day!


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