Chocolate appetizers

My cooking group is having an “all-chocolate” dinner tonight, which ought to be an interesting challenge. We’re deliberately keeping things small and half of the so-called chocolate dishes are really savory items, so it’ll be fun.

I’m helping with appetizers, which is really my favorite course anyhow. I’m doing two small “tapas” style apps. The first is slices of jamon iberico reserva, the Spanish serrano ham fed on acorns and then dry-cured for two years. The jamon will be curled up on a small wedge of Petit Agour cheese, accompanied by a small frisee salad with a champagne cocoa-nib vinaigrette. Very simple, mostly about the ingredients here.

The second I just finished a dry run with and it rocked. I’m taking glazed roasted figs, cross-cutting the tops and stuffing them with a roughly chopped forcemeat of duck breast proscuitto and the juice from the figs. Each fig will sit on a platform of thinly sliced duck breast proscuitto, with tiny shavings of grana padano cheese, and drops of a bittersweet chocolate & balsamic vinegar sauce on the plate.

Otherwise, not yet sure what the whole menu looks like, other than a chocolate pasta dish which ought to be fascinating. More later, with pics.


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  1. mark,

    No chocolate-covered bacon for me! But hey, if *guests* want choco-bacon, I’m happy to experiment!

    My latest thing is preserving tomatoes for the winter…great pics coming soon.

  2. Anne,

    No chocolate-covered bacon? I’m disappointed.

  3. damn I hate reading about your cooking adventures. It makes me hungry. 10 am and I’m thinking about roast fig stuffed with duck prosciutto…