Recent Research

I just returned today from the annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in Vancouver, B.C.  I presented a paper (in poster form) about some recent work bridging the gap between formal models of cultural transmission (i.e., social learning and imitation between individuals) on social network graphs, and measures of cultural behavior that are observable in discrete traits (e.g., archaeological artifact classes).  A corrected PDF version of the poster is available here

Download madsen-lipo-bentley-saa2008-poster.pdf

and will be published soon along with our entire poster session as an issue of the online Journal of Evolutionary and Historical Sciences.  I’ll talk more about this soon, but this week is incredibly busy and I wanted to get at least one link up for the paper before I forget.


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  1. Dick Less,

    I just want to apologize for trying to hang on for so long. I should have known better.