Screen sharing in OS X Leopard

I have to say, lately I’ve been using screen sharing in Leopard a great deal, to work more flexibly around the house. This isn’t much of a concern in Seattle, since my apartment is small enough that I rarely have to move my laptop at all, but at home on the island, I often find myself wanting to work from the living room or by the windows, but not wanting to interrupt some long process I’ve got running over wired ethernet. So I leave my machine where it is, and use a different machine to work from downstairs via screen sharing. No more copying files around, worrying about having every application on every computer, synchronization issues, etc.

Of course, I used to use VNC for this in a limited fashion prior to Leopard, but the way Apple has integrated this into the Finder networking list and with account security is very nice.

And, when my Macbook Air arrives in February, I can really move around, but without worrying whether I can do “heavy” work given the smaller hard drive and memory footprint, since the Air can be just a light “terminal” for a larger machine.

I know, not problems that most people have, but it’s a nice feature of Leopard that I’m coming to really appreciate.