A New Look

You’ll start seeing a new look on Extended Phenotype; much cleaner and more minimal.  I was getting tired of the color and the clutter and the little lists that I never updated.  A couple of readers appear curious about what I’m reading, so I’ve retained the Current Reading list, but much of the rest needed to go. 

The new design allows me some space on the left to eventually figure out a "sidenote" solution, which I’ve wanted for a long time but still can’t quite make work with Typepad’s column layout CSS.  But given the way I write, I like to point out sources or use "footnotes" so that I can document or discuss something without interrupting the main flow (how very academic, I know), and sidenotes are a nice visual way to do that in a web context.  They’re not working yet, but I’ll keep trying.

I’m also a huge typography and typesetting nut, so I like the new look and fans of fonts will recognize the new title banner as Caslon, one of my favorite typefaces.  What I’d really love, I guess, would be a blogging system that used LaTeX on the backend and produced print-quality websites.  But hey, that’s nutty, and I can easily satisfy my interest in kerning and Computer Modern and artistic typesetting by writing scientific articles….


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  2. Carl Lipo,

    Certainly much simpler! But there are some downsides. The default settings on safari make the new text of posts small and hard to read – equivalent to 6 or 5 point font (the text is smaller than the small text on the sidebar). The Extended Phenotype text is also a bit weird looking — sorta fuzzy on the bottom of the fonts. The letters have a kind of “bit mapped” look.