Apologize for technical difficulties

If you’ve had problems getting to this site in the past couple of days, it is because I recently switched providers for domain name services (DNS). My previous provider had been purchased by another company, and I was no longer happy, and so I’ve switched to Network Solutions. They do a terrific job, but of course when you switch your provider, there’s a bit of inevitable chaos as the records settle down and stabilize. I also forgot a couple of aliases (e.g., blog.mmadsen.org instead of just plain www). But things ought to be stabilizing now. If you continue to see plain text without any images, you’re (a) likely viewing this site from a Windows box which hasn’t been rebooted lately (since Windows holds onto DNS records well beyond their timeout values, it seems), or (b) you need to flush your browser’s cache.

If difficulties persist, please leave me a comment or email.