President for a Day…?

On second thought, I’m going to wish President Bush well with his colonoscopy tomorrow. I hope it goes smoothly, and above all, quickly. Dick Cheney really is going to be President for a good chunk of tomorrow, and it appears that at least the wingnuts are happy about that fact. Suggestions at the NRO’s blog for Dark Lord Acting President Voldemort’s Cheney’s “to do list” include:

Bomb Iran.

Commute the sentences of those border agents.

Fire Mike Chertoff.

Tell Harry Reid to … well, you know…

Pardon Scooter

Of course, I strongly doubt that Cheney will actually do anything too serious tomorrow, except in a real emergency situation. Apart from telling Harry Reid to…well, you know…few of these things wouldn’t have major consequences. And that would just hurt the GOP further in their attempt to run a serious presidential campaign (although I hear that Mr. None Of The Above is finally pulling ahead of the pack in the latest polls….).

But just the same, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for the Dark Mark signs of misbehavior on the part of the Veep, who isn’t known for his mild temper and sunny disposition (or his aim, according to his duck-hunting buddies).