Back to school time…

It’s official. I’m going back to the University of Washington this January, to resume finishing my Ph.D. in Anthropology. I haven’t written much about this because it hadn’t happened yet, and I suppose there was a chance it wouldn’t.

But I opened the admissions envelope today and discovered that the only stumbling block between me and school was that I can’t prove I had measles vaccinations. So next week I’m getting tested (hopefully) for antibodies to prove I’m not going to start an epidemic on campus, and it’s back to a much older way of life (in terms of personal history). I’m going to be working from home, naturally, but I expect to be on campus several times a month for meetings, the library, seminars, etc.

My original advisor, Dr. Robert Dunnell, retired back around the time I was at Internap Network Services, so I’ve selected a new committee. Dr. James Feathers, who runs the Thermoluminescence Dating Lab (where I worked in the early 1990’s) will be my committee chair, and Drs. Marcos Llobera and Eric A. Smith will be on the committee. I’ll select a GSR by January, it looks like.

I’m very excited to be going back, after a decade’s hiatus to work in the technology industry. Naturally I’ll try to write a bit about the experience as we go along. And of course, this spring I’ll get pictures up on the site when the cherry trees bloom on the quad…


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  1. Congrats! They are lucky to have you, as I’m sure they’re aware. You’ll be keeping us up to date about your academic writing as well, yes?

    Btw, that picture from the entry below is absolutely stunning. Stunning.