I Underestimated the Snow…

OK, so living down here at sea level, on the water, I kind of underestimated the snow a little bit.Dsc_0039
Little of it is sticking to my driveway and road, although there’s a little bit on the roof.  But I just tried to go to town for groceries and the hardware store, and man…just getting to the main road required 4WD up the steep road, and when I got up to Roche Harbor Road, I discovered that it’s been snowing a bit longer than I’d thought.  There’s at least an inch, if not closer to two, and the road is treacherously icy, with ice coating the ponds and the fringes of Egg and Sportsman’s Lakes.  No snowplows have come this way yet today.  After the slowest quarter-mile ever, I turned around and headed home.  I have food for at least a week, a couple of pounds of coffee beans, and dry firewood. 

So, as I write this, fire stoked in the stove, limbs coated with snow are cracking off the trees all around and I’m hunkering down for the day.  Guess it’s time for a turkey sandwich and some hot tea.