An unexpectedly quiet weekend…

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This morning’s farmer’s market had some terrific produce, including a selection of tiny melons.  Pictured is a minature variety of musk melon or canteloupe (I’m not sure which it is, actually) but it’s barely bigger than my cell phone and fits neatly in the palm of my hand.  The stem end has a pungent cantaloupe aroma, so I think it’ll be wonderful for breakfast tomorrow.

I got my voter registration card in the mail yesterday, allowing me to vote in San Juan County.  This will make Stefan Sharkansky and his slightly paranoid ilk at Sound Politics happy — one less Democrat voting in King County.  But it also means one more Democrat voting in a rural Washington county, which I did intentionally since I’m pretty sure Jim McDermott doesn’t need my vote as much as, say, Rick Larsen does.  Since I still own a home and plan to split residence between the island and Seattle, I guess I could have chosen to keep my original registration, but I figured for national and state-wide races it doesn’t matter where I am, and for districted races I can contribute more outside of Seattle, which is Democrat-safe for the moment (though Stefan and his crowd are undoubtedly working assiduously to change this). 

Originally I was supposed to be down in Seattle this weekend, but I needed to switch some things around and find myself up here without guests or any pressing appointments.  Which is really nice.  I finished Dsc_0001_2my pickling project yesterday as well — 36 pints of green beans and kosher dills.  Today, I’m eradicating the fine sheen of evaporated salt which has settled out fom the steam and condensation induced by processing the jars. 

It’s back to unpacking and arranging things for a bit, before I head into town for dinner and chamber music — Mozart at the San Juan Community Theatre, which I’m looking forward to.