Bastille Day Twilight

Here’s another picture or two of the dusk to twilight transition last night from the house.  I used a Nikon D50 and stabilized iDsc_0001t on a table for long low-light exposures —
the actual scene was about 25% darker than each of these exposures to the human eye. 

In the first picture, you’re looking northwest, at Rocky Bay (my house is on the southern arm of the bay, and you’re looking at the northern arm) and McNeal Island (not the McNeil Island with the state penitentiary, that’s down in southern Puget Sound.  Behind and to the right of McNeal is the southeastern tip of Spieden Island, normally seen during the day as a dry brown streak (it’s very dry presumably because it’s so thin there’s little groundwater).  The bigger island in the background is Saturna Island, which is over the border into Canada. 

The second photo is taken a bit later than the first, almost dark now (though it doesn’t look it).  By taping the camera down to the deck railing so it couldn’t move, I was able to get a super-long exposure.  The trees are glowing fairly bright purely from the ambient light leakage from the house (though I’d turned off the deck and living room lights).  The effect is kind of eerie but I like it.