Memorial Day Weekend in the San Juans

Now that the house is (almost?) ready to go on the market (our target is this week), I spent the holiday weekend up north looking at property. Friday and Saturday were spent on San Juan Island, and Sunday on Orcas. Today I’m spending in ferry lines of monumental proportions — the penalty for looking at property while the rest of the world is trying to vacation.

But the trip has been a really productive one. There’s a property on San Juan Island I’m going to pursue, possibly putting an offer on it this week after I get more information on taxes, septic system, and homeowner’s association assessments (like many places in the islands, the water system is community-owned and maintained). But if it all works out, the property itself is pretty amazing and — given a reasonable sale price for the Seattle house — within my range. I’ll post pics and other details once I actually plunk down earnest cash and make a formal offer.

On the job front, I’ll be at Microsoft for another month — to assist with some ongoing projects and transitioning part of my position to a new employee (whom I just hired into our Swedish subsidiary). The agreement is that I’m going to be working remotely much of the time, given the move and other stuff going on, but it shouldn’t matter much since coordinating with Olof in Stockholm is a time zone and phone/email challenge whether I’m in Redmond, Seattle, or Friday Harbor. Collaborative tools like Groove, Communicator (the industrial-strength version of Messenger), Sharepoint, and email work well, but there’s a basic time-zone thing that technology alone simply can’t solve for us.