purchased by Reader’s Digest

Last Friday, Reader’s Digest announced that they are acquiring, a Seattle based business providing food and recipe community on the Net. I’ve been on the board at AR for the last couple of years, and thus I’ve been keeping a very low profile during the sensitive period before we announced the deal, but now it’s public knowledge.

Allrecipes is a project whose history you can read (or will read) elsewhere, and I won’t rehash it except to say that my co-founder Tim Hunt did an extraordinary job over the years providing not only technical, but conceptual and business leadership — firmly understanding what the site’s users wanted (which is sometimes distinct from what the business’s actual customers want) and making sure they get it. Bill Moore, the company’s CEO, also has done an outstanding job driving our execution and helping the company capitalize on the growing return towards valuing successful internet content businesses. Bill, Tim, and the whole team continue to demonstrate community interaction creates long-lasting loyalty in a medium where “stickiness” is usually measured in seconds or minutes, not months or years.

As you can read in the various press releases and newspaper articles, Allrecipes will remain in Seattle and the team will stay together, which was an important goal for many of us. And it will continue to provide a great food and recipe experience in the years to come, now enhanced by its association with Reader’s Digest and Rachael Ray.

Congratulations to my original co-founders and to the entire Allrecipes staff on an outstanding accomplishment!


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  1. Carl,

    Actually, I think the motto was “sleep when you are dead” – that mindset has carried us along for too long, I think. But it certainly made us productive.

  2. See, that’s why I don’t do fieldwork. I read, which allows plenty of time for sleeping, spring or fall 😛

  3. Mark,

    In grad school we had a saying: you can sleep in the fall. (mostly uttered in the depths of the spring rush to get fieldwork ready).

    Thanks for the congrats. In this case, Allrecipes has really been a project by my co-founders and the team there. My input has been fairly small and limited to board service, for many years.

    In general, these things are a bit like seeds that take a long time to sprout. Over the years my partners and I have invested in, started, or gotten involved in a number of projects, and they just take time and effort to ripen. This one, unlike a couple of projects a few years back, has become successful beyond anything we’d imagined, and that’s pretty exciting.

  4. Congratulations to you as well. Seriously, when do you find the time to be involved in all these things?

    You sleep, right?