More bread-making experiments

Over the course of the week I tried a "natural leavening" process to essentially make a starter, and myDsc00739 flour mixture definitely did leaven naturally from the yeasts in my kitchen, but I have to say I wasn’t impressed by the aromas — too dark and not sweetly tart enough.  So I scrapped that for this week. Perhaps I need to tweak my airborne yeasts a bit more…

Today, however, I made a large pain Pugilese-style loaf based on a sponge I made last night and allowed to pre-ferment in the refrigerator (i.e., slowing down the yeasts).  Here’s the loaf after it came out of the oven and before the tortuous 45-minute cool-down. 


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  15. Mark,

    Yeah, this was the overnight sponge method, with dark amber maple syrup substituted for the honey (because all of my honey was old and crystallized). Turned out really well, but next time I’d watch how much I kneaded because the bubble structure was fine and uniform and I’d have liked a few more big open bubbles.

  16. Jon,

    Nice looking bread!! Was this from the overnight sponge method?

  17. fran,

    that’s very pretty! All I’ve made today is a pile of wet branches and a pot of chili.

    careful now, some of us know where you live.