Book #53: Woken Furies, by Richard K. Morgan

"Woken Furies" is the latest Richard K. Morgan novel in the Takeshi Kovacs series of novels, and it surpasses the previous, Broken Angels, but not the first, Altered CarbonFuries is set some years after Broken Angels, and has Kovacs back on Harlan’s World, his birthplace and the home of radical revolutionary and political theorist Quellcrist Falconer.  Part of what makes the novel (and the Kovacs series) so interesting is Quellism, which is only partially developed but critical to understanding Kovacs, however much he denies it.  Quellism appears to be part libertarianism, part guerrilla revolutionary tactics straight out of Guevara, part Zen-like acceptance of the generational nature of "popular" struggle.  Quellism is a revolutionary left chastened and chagrined by what power does, regardless of whose hands come to wield it. 

I’m emphasizing this aspect of the series, of course, because I find it interesting, just as I found the left-libertarian economies of MacLeod’s Star Fraction intriguing as social extrapolation.  The novel itself is about far more than just this, and I recommend it (and the remainder of the Kovacs series), to fans of mysteries, science fiction, and the increasingly interesting territory between the two. 


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