Rocket Building Continues

The building of rockets for our group’s September launch continues; I seem to be rubbing stuck-on epoxy off my fingers most of the time now.  For those who care, I wrote about the details on our group’s blog, RocketGeeks.Dsc00547

On the domestic front, this activity has accomplished something that 5 years of living in my house had not — organizing my basement workshop.  I’d never really had much use for most of the space in my basement, since I’m not exactly home improvement guy, but the workshop is coming along nicely.  The plug strip in the upper right corner is a terrible thing, but my defense is that I inherited it from the previous owners, and oddly enough the sink shown in the corner (center of the photo) drains nowhere.  The pipes head off into the right of the photo, but stop at a wall.  Gravity, or engineering skill, apparently stymied the previous owner’s attempts to plumb the sink.  Which doesn’t bother me much — there’s a sink behind where I’m standing as well.  I am mystified by this recent bout of tool-using and project-making — it’s pretty uncharacteristic of me.  But a lot of fun.  Who knows, maybe I’ll become handy enough to actually fix things around the house.   


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