About recent posts…

My posts here have been more personal lately, and less substantive along the usual lines. That’s been somewhat unavoidable, but it’s temporary. In addition to getting the new laptop and spending time switching, I’ve been working on another longish essay for Progressive Commons, and that takes time before anything is really visible for readers. I do plan to have one longish essay for PC in August, and am hoping for another in September, and perhaps if I get lucky, another in October. This may keep my posting on Extended Phenotype fairly light and oriented towards books and wine for awhile, although as each essay goes up on Progressive Commons I’ll cross-post here.

On the reading front, I’ll have a couple of fun books to report on fairly soon, but on the “serious” front I’m deeply…hmm…engrossed? mired? in Michael Sandel’s Democracy’s Discontent, along with a slew of reading in support of the essay projects. These will take a little longer. Sandel’s book is excellent but is a fairly “active” read as I look up references and refer to other works along the way.

End of public service announcement…now, back to our regular programming.