I’m Back…

OK, it’s been awhile but I really do have an excuse…I just got back from Cabo San Lucas, where some good friends got married. My brother and I rented the Villa Mira Flores, on the Pedregal slope above CSL, snorkeled most mornings, and enjoyed the sunny weather. Until, that is, we got massively, spectacularly, violently ill after an ill-advised eating adventure. We’re not quite sure where, but the incubation period seems to point to a local joint with “Zapata” in the name. Caveat emptor. The upshot was a couple of days of enforced “downtime,” and I lost 10 pounds (no kidding).

Prior to this, however, the wedding was a terrific success (Flickr photos here). Scott and I took Beth and Ian to Trotter’s place down at the Palmilla, which was a spectacular evening (no pictures, but the food was phenomenal, and they had a terrific 1999 1er cru Chablis that was perfect for the occasion – a producer I wasn’t familiar with in the US).

I’m back, I’ve gotten a bit of writing stored up to polish off and post, and I read a fair number of books while on the trip (4 or so). Stay tuned, both here and at Progressive Commons, where I’m going to stage a comeback and contribute a couple of pieces fairly soon. And listen to the inaugural podcast at Progressive Commons, it’s really terrific stuff!


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  1. Mark,

    We loved the villa — great location, view, amenities — and would rent it again in a second next time either of us goes to Cabo.

  2. How did you enjoy Villa Flores?

  3. Yeah, no kidding! Step 1: Spend a week in Mexico, eating wherever the taco stands are the grubbiest. Step 2: Wait for the “side effects” to pass. Step 3: Enjoy the new, skinny, dehydrated you!

    Sadly, once they start you on the glucose IV drip, all the weight comes back….

  4. Jesus – ten pounds? Damn that’s a lot.

    Oooh, I’ve got it, from comic tragedy into heroic good fortune, lemons into lemonades, etc! It’s not a diet strategy I’d recommend, but hell, I never thought Atkins was healthy. Maybe your next business should be based around a diet book, say “The Zapata Diet Revolution”? :)