Rocket Launch

We launched model rockets out in Redmond today, in the slough valley by Theno’s Dairy. BillDsc00337_1 Barnes Dsc00339organized it like last year, and the event included folks from Network Clarity, ex-Internap employees, and some other folks (UW, NorthwestNet, etc). We spent the afternoon gauging wind conditions, and eventually building up to F and G-powered motors, including three flights of the new Aerotech rocket I built this year. 

The Airspike flew twice with F20 motors, which was pretty impressive, but the G80 flight was high enough that we briefly lost track of it before it came down in a nearby Dsc00346soccer field. We flew a variety of other rockets, including a two-stage Mongoose built by Chris Wheeler and his nephew, the Mean Machine, and  a Saturn V replica running an E motor. The Saturn didn’t fly straight, but it sure has a slow, impressive liftoff. 

We’re going to do another launch in August, at which I hope to have a telemetry-producing rocket, or possibly a clustered motor.  I’d like to NAR certify to produce bigger rockets, but I doubt I’ll be able to make the investment of time this year. 


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