Book #31: Eastern Standard Tribe by Cory Doctorow

Doctorow’s Eastern Standard Tribe lived up to his previous work, despite a seemingly weird and wacky plot device, the “tribes” based on time zones. Like most of Doctorow’s writing, the story moves at an incredible pace, and quite quickly I was amazed at the depth to which he’d worked out a plausible future with cultural “tribes” based on the time-zone affiliations of those who are deeply addicted to wireless communications. Once sold on this somewhat odd future vision, though, Doctorow delivers a wacky but well written story, and almost before you know it, the book is over.

This brings me to what is, perhaps, my only real “beef” with Doctorow’s fiction thus far: it’s time for him to write something more substantial. His first novel and Eastern Standard Tribe are both fairly short, and now that he’s proven his chops as an idea guy, I’d like to see more development, more depth, and more story. Let’s hope this happens as his writing matures, because these “snack” stories go too quickly, leaving me back in reality facing a gigantic pile of non-fiction. In the meantime, his next novel is pre-selling on Amazon…


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