@%!# laptop batteries…

Why, oh why are we stuck with such terrible power technology for laptops?  No matter how many $120 laptop batteries you buy, they end up the same way with a bit of travel and a lot of usage – lying through their lithium-ion teeth about how much time you really have, as if the promise of around two hours fully charged was enough in the first place.  But the current battery in my Dell 8500 has developed a fairly nasty decay curve; long about the time it should have 1/4 power left, it plunges rapidly and no power.  I’m comfortable here at the Allegro(1), and in a mood to write, and the battery icon is beginning its one-way trip to oblivion, and I forgot to bring the charger. 

My kingdom for a truly capacious battery or – dare we dream…a fuel cell? 

(1)  The Allegro is Seattle’s oldest coffeehouse, given the demise of the Last Exit, and my office away from the office since 1983.  It’s between University Avenue and 15th, overlooking the new law school and Denny Hall, adjacent to the UW campus.  Highly recommended:  the single short latte, which is "old school" – good balance between coffee and milk, fairly thick and bitter.  Before it was renamed about (five?) years ago, the Allegro referred to this by its proper name:  "au lait."


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  1. Lithium Charger

    If used with a non-compatible speed controller a Li-poly So