Seattle Wine Storage website and new lounge

Last week, Seattle Wine Storage (where I have my cellar) rolled out its new website, and opened the lounge and tasting room.  Chuck Miller, the proprietor of SWS, has done a fantastic job of creating not just a storage facility, but also a real wine community here in Seattle.  The newDsc00277_2 ground floor renovations include a wall covered in wine crate ends which creates a stunning effect (in person, find the wine which is upside down!).

Last Tuesday, after work, a number of us inaugurated the new lounge, which includes a table for BYOB wine tastings, dart board, and other fine amenities.  The billiards table is coming soon, apparently.  We began, appropriately enough, Dsc00276_1with champagne from Pol Roger; in this case the non-vintage Extra Cuvee de Reservee, which was tasty but otherwise not noteworthy.  This was followed by a 2002 Boxler Riesling Reserve, which I completely failed to identify as Boxler — it seemed bitter on the nose and somewhat waxy, so I guessed things like Deiss and Mann (to my shame, being a Boxler fan).  I followed this with the 1998 Trimbach Cuvee Frederic Emile, which was tight and unforgiving (but accessible in my cellar…).  Naturally, the second half of the bottle opened up nicely the next day and was terrific. 

I’m not going to discuss each wine here, but at the bottom I’ll list the wines not noted, since others at the tasting may want a record of things we tried.  A Pegau Cuvee Laurence 1990 was stenchy and triggered the inevitable controversy over "corkiness," but there was nothing wrong with this wine and after awhile in the glass it bloomed a bit and was nice.  The 1988 Gruaud Larose was in fine shape — still a bit primary, but deep and mellow with just a hint of green pepper.  Given how little we tend to drink Bordeaux in our group, I forget how much I like good Bordeaux.  All of mine is still way too young, so there’s something to look forward to…Dsc00280_1

The wine of the night for me was a magnum of the Bartolo Mascarello 1982 Barolo, brought by Chuck in tribute to the fact that Mascarello died earlier this week.  The wine started out with a typical "iron and blood" nose, soon blossoming with cherries, chocolate, and herbs.  The wine continued to be very nice well into our card game a couple of hours later, ending up with a bit of the "celery seed" thing that happens with Barolos that oxidize in the glass. 

We then tried a 1989 Clos du Papes Chateauneuf that I’d been saving. The wine still has some fairly serious tannins, and needed plenty of time after opening.  Deep and dark, the wine is very traditionally made with beefy, herbal, salty notes on top of the core "red fruit" grenache aroma.  I don’t know if I have any more left, but it will continue to age well for several more years, possibly seeming in 5 years muh like the richer 1983’s do now.  This was followed by a 1997 Beaucastel that nobody identified as such.  It was weird — most people thought Pegau from an overabundance of that juicy strawberry/cherry fruit and complete lack of leather/tar.  I suspect the wine, from a lesser vintage, is in an awkward phase and needs a few years. 

Other wines we tried were the 1996 La Chapelle (fairly nasty, possibly the bottle), the 2003 Hureau Lisagathe Saumur-Champigny (overripe to the point where it seemed oaky…), the Guigal 1995 Chateauneuf (a good spicy CdP), Morot Toussaints 1993 Beaune, Mt. Eden Chardonnay 1995, Droin 1999 Chablis Les Clos (good but strangely mossy or musky on the nose for my tastes), and Fritz Haag 1983 GKA Brauneberger Juffer. 

We drank a bottle of 1990 Suiduraut Sauternes while playing some cards.  The Sauternes was great; good acidity was balanced by a nice caramel sweetness.  The evening was a great success.


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