Final Presidential Debate Thoughts

The debate seemed pretty clear-cut to me. Bush showed better than the first debate, but poor compared to the second debate. He kept his temper under control, but some of the answers were confused, and lacked much in the way of punch.

OK, I’m a sucker for a good joke. Whomever wrote “Being lectured by the President on fiscal responsibility is a little bit like being Tony Soprano talking to me about law and order in this country” deserves a raise. I suspect we’ll hear that one quite a bit between now and November 2nd. And we’ll see the video juxtaposition between his statement tonight on Bin Laden and what he said a couple of years ago. Over and over. Jon Stewart is probably on it already.

Bush’s answer on the flu vaccines was ludicrous. ‘Nuff said.

I do think Schieffer is asking some tough questions — homosexuality, better jobs questions than we’re heard thus far. I do think everybody ought to stop talking about Dick Cheney’s daughter. Heck, I want Kerry to win, and I don’t want to hear the poor woman used to smack the Administration again.

Wow. Instant reaction, but Kerry is laying on the religion and bible references pretty heavily tonight. Not sure that will convince any evangelical Christian to vote for him, but I suppose he’s aiming at some undecided demographic. It sounds a little odd coming from Kerry, however.

Here’s a question. What the heck is a “maternity group home?” Sounds like a poor house to me. Vaguely Dickensian. (definition here).

The President is not even close to credible on why health care costs are going up. Health care costs are going up because they’re not using information technology? Huh? The President gets the best health care of any human being on the planet, and hasn’t noticed all the computers?

Of course, Kerry’s answer isn’t really very convincing either — no mention is made of the fact that newer, high-technology diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are massively expensive and increasingly widely applied. This is a huge driver for cost increases, compared to per-capita costs in other countries. So it’s a tough problem, because who wants to not have the latest and best?

Gotta stop at this point because I’m getting kind of bored listening to the debate for the second time.